The Best of: Trendy Furniture

Whether you prefer a minimalist approach to designing your space or a more stylish one, you’re probably always on the lookout for trendy furniture for the season. While it may seem like trendy furniture isn’t worth investing in because it’ll go out of style, there are plenty of furniture styles that are trendy and stylish yet timeless. From making a bigger statement to adding an unexpected pop of detail, a trendy piece of furniture would complement any type of aesthetic. The key to finding a good piece of trendy furniture is finding one that exudes sophistication with a contemporary twist. Of course there are more unique pieces on the market that would catch your eye, but if you’re hesitant to take that leap and want to play it safe, there are a number of trendy furniture pieces on the market that would allow you to venture out a little bit without staying too much in your comfort zone.


Innovative and stylish, the Satsuma cocoon hanging chair is the perfect mix of trendy and timeless. Its unique wicker frame is crafted with polyethylene rattan rope in black for a distinctive look without standing out too much from your other furniture pieces. The wicker design consists of a sleek and geometric pattern for a minimalist look. The orb-like structure is bound to catch eyes while its spherical metal stand delivers both durability and sleekness. The grey cushions create a cozy and inviting environment to relax in whether it's a warm summer morning or a cold winter evening. Its neutral colors provide a versatile look for any patio aesthetic.


Aside from its appealing aesthetic, the Satsuma provides just as much functionality as it does style. Made with UV-resistant and water-repellent features, this fun cocoon chair will last through many seasons, rain or shine. With its all-weather washable fabric cushions, you won’t have to worry about having to replace your furniture every other season. Its weather-resistant cushions make it easy for year-round use and its washable fabric provides minimal maintenance so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing. The hanging cocoon chair was crafted with a powder-coated steel black frame for maximum durability and daily use. The Satsuma requires easy assembly, so anyone can assemble it in no time and upgrade their backyard, patio, or garden. It also comes with a safety strap that attaches the orb structure to the metal stand so you can feel more secure and comfortable relaxing in your chair day and night. With its 500-lb capacity, any guest, child or adult, can enjoy this luxurious seating experience.


Trendy furniture can easily come and go with each season, so finding a piece that is both stylish and timeless is the perfect in-between to avoid having to redecorate every year. Whether its unique lines, fun textures, or bold colors, adding a piece of trendy furniture can transform your outdoor space. With its sleek structure, neutral colors, and unique wicker design, the Satsuma is the perfect timeless addition to any exterior.
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