The Best of: Lightweight and Contemporary Patio Furniture

One of the most quintessential traits of a summer aesthetic is, arguably, the lightweight, airy look. Whether its clothing or furniture, bulkiness always seems to fit winter and a lightweight aesthetic fits the spring and summer time. With the weather getting warmer and more time is gradually spent outside, the transition to more lightweight looks will become apparent. If you’re looking for new outdoor furniture that’s ideal for summer, here’s the best of lightweight and contemporary patio furniture.


The Delamere Modern Outdoor Sectional Set is a lightweight, summer-y approach to outdoor patio furniture. Presenting a neutral grey tone, this modern and compact sectional gives the perfect summer look without overdoing it - and makes it suitable for other seasons as well. Designed with straight yet sleek lines, the sectional and table are minimal, classy, and durable without the bulkiness of traditional patio furniture. Its additional modern wicker weave adds a delicate touch to the arms and back of the sectional, leaving the overall design clean and light.


The Delamere Sectional consists of two parts: a chaise and a sofa. This 2-in-1 is optimal for any occasion, whether you have a few guests over and you want to lounge on your patio on warm summer mornings. With both seat cushions and back pillows, all parts of the sectional have maximum comfort for long hours out in your backyard. Its matching table continues the theme of clean, sleek lines and offers an aesthetically pleasing surface for snacks, drinks, and everything in between. The set altogether provides a simple, contemporary, and lightweight look for the summer.


Aside from the look and versatility of the set, the Delamere is ideal for outdoor conditions with its UV and weather resistant properties. Offering long-term comfort, the fabric of this set is also easy to clean and maintain for ultimate convenience. The use of low maintenance materials provides you with more time relaxing and less time cleaning. In addition to the hassle-free fabric, the Delamere was built with a rust-resistant aluminum frame to maximize its use. Its durability provides long-lasting use so you never have to worry about your outdoor furniture breaking down on you.


With its compact and practical design, the Delamere is also perfect for smaller spaces. Its functionality is really maximized with its design, and still offers just as much durability and use as a much larger patio piece. Its use of clean and minimal lines will add to a smaller patio without making the space look overcrowded or cramped. With the space underneath the sectional itself, you also have the option of storing any extra belongings there without taking away more space from your patio - making more room for foot traffic.


While lightweight furniture is ideal for the summertime, the Delamere creates the perfect look that suits both summer and winter on the patio. Combining its neutral colors and soft wicker with its clean and sleek lines, the sectional set is the perfect choice for a lightweight and contemporary patio piece.