The Best of: Cozy Patio Furniture for Fall

Investing in outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be specific to summer. While there is an emphasis on renovating your patio for the summer months, autumn is an incredible time to spend outdoors, whether you’re watching the leaves fall or enjoying the breeze. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the breeze and outdoors while it’s not completely cold just yet. If you’re like many others and prefer autumn over all the other seasons, it might be ideal to purchase patio furniture that’s fitting for autumn as well as the other seasons. Some patio furniture sets are really designed for the summer season, while other designs appear more versatile and are suitable throughout the year. With some features that are a must for every season like weather resistance, spotting the perfect patio piece for fall lies in the design.


The Buchanan Patio Sectional makes for the perfect cozy patio furniture set for the colder months. Designed with the color zebrawood, the darker and warm hues are ideal for autumn. Its simple yet elegant rattan matches the grey cushions for a neutral and sophisticated look for the season. The extra thick back pillows and cushions offer a cozier environment, even through the colder months.


If you’re the house that hosts the bulk of holiday events like Halloween or Thanksgiving, the Buchanan is ideal for guests. Seating up to 6, this sectional set is ideal for inviting friends and family for time out on the patio. The cushions offer maximum comfort for hours into the night, so hosting an event will be a little less stressful. Built with an aluminum frame, the Buchanan offers reliability and durability in a patio set, so you don’t have to worry about replacing patio furniture every year. Weather-resistant and UV-protected, the patio set can withstand different weather conditions. From summer to winter, the Buchanan is suitable all year round.


Consisting of a single arm sofa, an armless sofa, corner sofa, and a double arm sofa, you’ll never have to worry about running out of extra space. The seats come separately and can be rearranged, so you’ll have some freedom in arranging the set in your patio. Its matching coffee table is incredibly convenient and perfectly sized to place in the center of the seating for drinks or even on the side if you prefer. Whether you’re having a relaxed night out or hosting game night with friends, the Buchanan is versatile enough for all sorts of occasions.


The best patio furniture for fall should be as cozy as it is stylish. The Buchanan’s rattan in zebrawood is simple yet stylish for autumn, and makes for a thick frame that’s perfect for autumn. Upgrade your outdoor space for autumn by swapping out the patio umbrellas and deck chairs for outdoor fire pits and cozy sectionals. Making the seasonal swaps while keeping this patio set for the year will really maximize the comfort and make use of the versatility the Buchanan has to offer. Paired with an outdoor fire pit for the colder months, the Buchanan is an ideal addition to your patio.