The Best and Easiest Patio Pergola Makeover

Patio makeovers are often seen as synonymous with luxury or expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options on the market that will help completely transform your patio, from switching out your patio chairs or simply rearranging your patio furniture.


If you want to transform your patio, it doesn’t have to require too much work, money, or time. Before deciding on which patio furniture to buy, you should probably have an idea of what kind of patio you want to have. Whether you spend a lot of time on your patio or often have a lot of guests over, it’s best to consider how you’re using your patio and how often.


Swap out old furniture

One of the best and easiest ways to change the look of your patio is by swapping out old furniture with a new patio set. For days where you’re looking to lounge outside with a good book or have some drinks with a few guests, a sofa set is the perfect and versatile way to ensure all types of lounging days are covered. A good place to start is a patio set that has a neutral, modern vibe so your patio theme can be suitable for all occasions. The Mendocino sectional offers the perfect combination of modernity and comfort in a patio set. Available in olive gray and stone gray, the outdoor set provides two subtly different looks, both offering a refreshingly modern and simple aesthetic. With UV and weather-resistant fabric, the Mendocino was designed to withstand weather conditions and long-term outdoor use. Aside from its minimal maintenance, the sofa was additionally designed to be more compact and less bulky, but still offering plenty of seating for you and your guests.


As it comes as a patio set, there’s no need to look for any other table or extra accessory for the patio. The Mendocino set comes with a sofa, chaise, table, and tray. The chaise on the right hand bench provides an additional space for lounging while the tray provides stability for any beverages you might need to place on the table.


Create a designated lounging area

Especially if you have a larger patio, it’s a good idea to create a designated lounging area. If you spend a lot of time on your patio, creating a designated spot for relaxing and other spots for activities like barbecuing or working out would set the space for a more cohesive and organized outdoor environment. One way to create this organization would be to add a pergola. Pergolas provide the perfect way of backyard organization while offering extra functionality and protection. On top of adding a bit of sophistication to your patio, the Mirador Patio Pergola offers complete adjustability to weather conditions. Its adjustable louvers block sun and moisture from above, while being able to redirect any rain water to the sides. Fully weather-resistant, the Mirador is a free standing structure, giving you the freedom to place it anywhere in your patio. With its easy assembly, the Mirador pergola makes for the perfect easy addition to your patio. Whichever patio furniture catches your eye, it’ll be a much easier makeover provided that they’re weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use and minimal maintenance.


Replacing and adding furniture is completely doable and less time consuming so you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space almost immediately. These options are a great place to start since home transformations and makeovers can often be overwhelming. Depending on your patio and your vision, other patio makeovers might require more in terms of construction and outdoor furniture. However, by simply swapping out your furniture and creating designated areas for activities, you can transform your outdoor space into a more refreshing and organized space.