Spring Retreat Guide: Building the Perfect Backyard Sanctuary

The time of the year has come for sunshine, cocktails, and a quick getaway - except this time, the next best thing for much of the world is to find a vacation within the walls of their home. While it might seem impossible to create a vacation out of a place we spend almost 24/7 now, redecorating, or even switching around your furniture, can do way more than it leads on. To take advantage of the changing seasons, it’ll probably be best to start with any patio or outdoor space. Transforming your outdoor space into a spring break hideaway isn’t all that hard - you just need to know what you’re looking for.


Like any outdoor space, patio furniture is a good starting point for an upgrade. While comfort should definitely be the forefront of your space, deciding on a consistent theme and style can really help to solidify that vacation feel. And what would help you feel like you’re on a spring getaway more than an outdoor hammock bed? A place to read, enjoy the sun, and sip on some refreshing drinks all in one!


Providing enough shade against the sun and enough space for 2 adults, this outdoor hammock with canopy is the patio piece everyone will fight over. Weather-resistant for easy year-round use, there’s no better option to feature as the place to sit back and relax. The built-in canopy is perfect for protection against the harsh sun during those summer months, while the hammock still lets you catch some sun whether you’re poolside or in your backyard. On top of its comfort and versatility, its sleek and minimal design will match virtually any backyard while adding a refreshing touch to your outdoor scene. Whether you’re enjoying your backyard sanctuary by yourself or with guests this spring and summer, this outdoor hammock bed will make it hard to leave.


While our Miramar outdoor hammock can be used to place your drinks or food, you can maximize the potential of your space by adding side tables on each side for a designated station for your appetizers and drinks, and keep the entirety of the hammock to yourselves. Looking to spend your night out under the stars? Set the mood by adding some lights around the canopy for an illuminated night out, and switch out the cocktails for a hot chocolate or tea (or not). Easy and comfortable, this outdoor hammock is perfect for both day and night.


While it might not be the same as relaxing at a beach far away, there’s something special about cultivating peace and relaxation within the walls of your own home. Our staycations are now redefined - but in the best possible way. Every patio hideaway will be different, but most importantly, it should be an environment that allows you to leave your stress at the door. Whether you’re sitting with a good book and some tea or eating some appetizers with your friends, hopefully your patio paradise offers some relaxation and peace of mind.