Creating A Modern Patio Space: Year-Round Modern Outdoor Furniture

Trends come and go, and swapping out patio furniture every season isn’t a viable option for most people. Having said that, it might be a challenge finding the perfect patio furniture, or furniture that would fit for every season. Luckily, there’s quite a few themes of patio furniture that could be suitable depending on your taste - from mid-century, to contemporary, and more. Before investing in patio furniture, there are a few things that should be considered about your space and style.


Make sure you know how much space you have.

Some patios only have enough space to have one place for seating and one table, while others offer much more space. It’s important to be mindful of how much space you have for patio furniture, so it won’t look too overcrowded.


Decide what type of furniture you want.

The next step to designing your space is of course to decide what type of furniture would be suitable for your patio all year-round. Decide on patio sofas or decorative chairs, to hammocks or daybeds. It’s quite easy to fall into an uninspired or tacky look for an outdoor space, so going for a minimalist yet stylish look could offer the perfect in-between.


Ensure you have enough seating for guests.

If you host a lot of events or have people over often, it’s good to factor this into designing your patio. Every outdoor space needs a main seating area for guests, or yourself, to relax and chat.


Start with patio sets.

If you’re having trouble finding a solid furniture piece, it might be helpful to start with patio sets. With multiple matching pieces, patio sets are the perfect place to start if you’re just starting out designing your patio. These options remove the hassle of coordinating themes and styles, and provides you with a more cohesive outdoor space.


The Mendocino set is the ultimate all-in-one matching set for any patio. Providing ample space and a simple design, the Mendocino outdoor patio set is nothing short of versatile and stylish. Its sleek design and stone gray fabric provides for a year-round lounging experience. Its wooden legs add a natural touch to the furniture set, offering both a minimal yet natural look for the outdoors. Designed with weather-resistance, this set is also water-repellent, UV-protected, and rust-resistant - making this the perfect option for durable, versatile furniture. The sofa piece also features a chaise bench, providing even more space for relaxation. In addition to the weather-resistance and chaise bench, the Mendocino sofa comes with a matching table ottoman. The tray atop the ottoman makes for an ideal surface to hold party drinks and food. With a matching patio sectional and table ottoman, you won’t have to worry about buying multiple pieces of furniture either.


Regardless of your vision for your patio, designing your patio space doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. Starting out with a matching patio set may be the solution to your outdoor needs, and from there, your style can easily be expanded.