Buying Guide: Umbrella Bases

Just like umbrellas, umbrella bases come in all shapes and sizes, and you might have to do a bit of looking around to find your perfect base. It’s best to consider not only the patio umbrella you plan to purchase but also the weather conditions in your area. Purchasing an umbrella base might be easy to forget considering it isn’t a major piece of furniture, but it’s still an important part of your patio that requires durability and reliability.


There are a couple important factors in determining which umbrella base is right for you.



Umbrella bases can vary by weight and of course, its weight is crucial for ensuring that your patio umbrella stays in place. If you live in an area with windier conditions, it’s recommended that you use a heavier base for more security to withstand the stronger wind conditions.


This 55-lb round steel umbrella base is ideal for those looking for a heavy and durable base but with a modern and flat design. The base supports any umbrella from 6-9ft and its adjustable knobs provide extra security to ensure your umbrella won’t fall over. Built for everyday use, it was also designed to be rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and age-resistant.


If you’re looking for a more lightweight base with just enough weight to hold down your umbrella, this 20-lb base is perfect for adding a contemporary flair to your patio. It’s versatile enough for any 6’-9’ market umbrella and is designed with a tightening knob for additional security.


For those that have no particular preference, hollow umbrella bases allow you to refill the base until needed. While this umbrella base reaches 50-lbs when filled with sand or wet sand, you can certainly find more lightweight options that allow you to refill them when needed.



The material of an umbrella base largely determines the design, with more plastic and resin bases having a contemporary look while steel bases offer more modern and minimal designs. While materials offer different looks, it’s important to look for bases that withstand any weather condition.


This plastic resin base shows off a unique rattan look and was designed with weather-resistant material. On the other hand, this square steel base is super sleek and minimal, while its material prevents chipping, peeling, and rust.


Bases such as this plastic concrete base for cantilever umbrellas also offer the advantage of being suitable for any cantilever umbrella, removing the hassle of finding the right size. Additionally, it’s weather-resistant and can withstand strong winds at 66-lbs.


Although each base has a different material, both provide weather-resistance on top of a tightening knob for further security. It’s also important to consider where you’re placing the umbrella, as a flat umbrella base may be more practical and less bulky with patio furniture.


Umbrella bases will be equipped to keep your umbrella in place regardless of its weight or material. However, depending on the weather, your patio design, and type of patio umbrella you have, you’ll want to invest in the base that offers the most support and reliability for you and your umbrella.