Building the Perfect Summer Space: Why Your Patio Needs a Pergola

There is no place like home! And what better way to upgrade your home than building your backyard for summer paradise. To beat the heat while still enjoying the warm weather, a pergola is the ideal addition to your backyard. While it adds to your outdoor aesthetic, a pergola is also as functional as it is classy. So, if you’re thinking about doing a backyard project, you may want to consider adding a pergola to your space. Here are just a few reasons why pergolas transform outdoor experiences.


Create a designated space for guests.

Whether you have a deck in your backyard or not, a pergola can add another dimension to your space. Pergolas create a separate lounge in an outdoor space for entertainment, dining, or any other reason. If you’re looking to create a designated space for guests and relaxation, adding a pergola over your favorite patio pieces makes for the perfect solution.


Customize it to your liking.

On top of its functionality, pergolas provide unlimited opportunities for customization. With its unique and convenient structure, you can add drapes, lights, and any other accessory to upgrade your outdoor space and add a decorative and personalized touch.


Extend your garden space.

In addition, pergolas allow plant parents to transform their patio into plant paradise. Its structure provides the perfect home for all kinds of plants, whether you want to hang your plants from the poles or invest in plants that grow upwards from the ground to create a beautiful garden space.


Spend longer days outside.

Evidently, pergolas provide much needed shade and protection from the sun. On summer days with the harsh sun, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors with the protection from a pergola. Although they can provide some defense against the direct sunlight, don’t forget your SPF for the day!


Pergolas can be an affordable way to upgrade your outdoors.

This one might be a shock, but you can find some pretty affordable yet quality pergolas on the market. Whatever your budget may be for your backyard transformation, you’ll probably be able to find one that is both affordable and good for long-term use.


Having established the ways in which a pergola can add to a backyard, these patio pieces also come in different sizes, materials, and budgets. The Mirador Patio Pergola exudes sophistication, designed with sleek lines and sturdy construction. Available in white and black and two sizes, the Mirador is weather-resistant for a perfect pergola through every season, rain or shine. It's built with rust-resistant aluminum poles and coated with UV and moisture resistant paint. Because no patio is the same, the Mirador has built-in adjustable louvers to block the sun, wind, or rain from above.


Specifically designed to withstand the weather, the Mirador is perfect for DIY-lovers, or really anyone who loves easy home installation. The main structure arrives in one piece, for seamless installation for anyone.


Whether you plan to spend the summer basking under the sun for some alone time or drinking with guests, you’re already halfway to building the perfect outdoor lounge area with a pergola.

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